Supermarket Tray Washing

One of the most largest problems in supermarket tray washing is the removal of labels; these often get stuck on the trays and are difficult to remove rendering the trays unusable.

Due to this, many traditional packaged food transportation trays are washed at 60°C - 70°C with combinations of peracetic acid, sodium hydroxide, quaternary ammonium salts and sodium hypochlorite.often, high pressure washing is required as welll as conveyor or tank heating by gas, oil or electricity.

However, with Hydrus Hygiene Solution, trays are washed at ambient (cold) water temperatures that significanlty reduce your energy savings as well as reducing your carbon footprint. 

With non-hazardous, low-foaming Hydrus Hygiene Solution, only one product is needed to both degrease and disinfect the trays.